Check out the Runnin' Mavs

Mavs compete at Cooper Dragon XC Meet

UpdatedMonday September 2, 2019 byBlake Brooker.

Our Mavs ran very well yesterday. Check out the highlights -  Our MS boys and girls both finished in 2nd place in their divisions, highlighted with a first place finish by Lilly Montgomery.  Many of our runners received medals for Top 15 finishes:

  • Luke Brooker 12th in Varisty Div I
  • Carter Morrissette 4th in MS Div II
  • Garrison Kotrla 6th in MS Div II
  • Johnny "Quick" Douklais 13th in MS Div II
  • Lilly Montgomery 1st in MS Div II
  • MacKensie Conn 4th in MS Div II